This is why I am a REALTOR! Connecting Hearts to Homes!

"A HUGE shout out to all the hard working realtors that help to connect hearts to homes. I have never appreciated how hard they work until this purchase. Madeleine Williamson, my personal friend and amazing realtor, has worked with me on 3 of our moves. This lady searched every inch of Acadiana to find a house that checked off all my boxes (and Larry's as well). Of course, with three kids and their ever growing-ever changing taste and opinions, we were NO easy clients! Every day I opened my email to find new homes to review (and she sent them at 3:00 am). Appointment after appointment, Madeleine Williamson reminded me that God had that perfect house waiting to be our home and her job was to find it. With a grateful heart, she brought us to our new home."

- L & Y Blanchard, Lafayette LA